Anti-Predatory Revolution in Baby Seal Fur

反掠奪嬰兒海豹皮毛的革命 !


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Canada’s commercial seal hunt is the world’s largest organized kill of marine mammals. In the year of 2008, over 207 thousand of seal were killed, in which, 99.8% were baby seal under 3 month old. In 2009, there were 280 thousands were slaughtered which under 2 month old. Mac Harb, the senator of Canada pleaded that the government should stop the seal hunt for good.

加拿大商業獵殺海豹的組織, 是全世界最大的海洋哺乳動物獵殺團體. 在2008年就超过21.7萬頭,其中99.8%被殺的小海豹不足3个月大. 而2009年,28萬頭出生剛2个月左右的小海豹被兇殺. 加拿大参議员Mac Harb提出議案,呼龥加拿大终止海豹的獵殺.



Killing newborn “white coat” seals has been illegal in Canada. Yet once the pups start shedding their white coats, even though they still have to stay next to their mothers, they can legally be killed. When the first grey hair appears, a seal, as early as 12 days old, becomes the targets of the cold blood hunters and being brutally hooked……

在加拿大,獵殺新生”白絨毛” 的嬰兒海豹是非法的! 但是一當小海豹的白絨毛蛻變, 牠們就可以被合法的獵殺了,那管小海豹仍是跟在母親身邊 !一隻僅出生12天的可愛嬰兒海豹, 才剛長出新的灰絨毛, 立即便成了獵殺者無情棒擊的對象………


Every year, the Canadian government allows sealers to beat, skin, and kill hundreds of thousands of baby seals for their fur. The hunters brutally hook seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging the pelt, then drag the baby seals across the ice when they are still alive.

每年加拿大會屠殺成千上萬的幼兒海豹, 為的是要獵取牠們身上的皮毛. 獵殺手用有鐵鈎的木棒猛擊小海豹, 鈎住小海豹的眼面和頭部, 如此可不損壞海豹的皮毛, 受到重傷後, 小海豹血淋淋的在雪地上被活活拖走!



Baby Seals are threatened by seeing other pup seals slaughtered, they don’t have too much time to be afraid since they are facing the same nightmare right away. The most heart break fact is that the mother seals watch their babies being beaten to death just a few feet away and the babies’ desperate cries can be heard. The angry mothers can only be sad to death but remains helpless…….

小海豹看見同類如此被兇殘殺戮, 受到極大的恫嚇, 非常恐怖驚惶, 但馬上自己亦遭到同樣的噩運. 但最令人心碎悲痛的是, 當海豹媽媽看見自己的嬰兒僅在數尺之距而被兇殺, 聽到嬰兒發出惨厲痛苦垂死的呻吟, 悲憤欲絕的媽媽愛莫能助……



We have to reflect the truth to the Canadian Government and tell her that we are so angry with the crimes about killing those defenseless baby seals, which allowed and assisted by the Government. We have to tell the Government that it will cause international outrage until Canada forbids the seal slaughter by law. We need your voice to support the revolution to fight for anti-predatory in baby seal fur !!

我們要向加拿大政府反映真相, 我們是多麽憤怒他們如斯允許及協助暴行, 殺害這些全無抵抗能力的嬰兒海豹! 若不立法禁止及正視這種兇殺海豹的罪行, 勢必引來公憤! 我們需要你的聲音, 為海豹皮毛革命!!



You Can Help to Stop this Horrible slaughter !!



1. Please sign a pledge on The copy of your pledge will be sent directly to Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper and Canada's Minister of International Trade Stockwell Day .

請到 網站簽名,申訴書會直接寄給加拿大首相Stephen Harper 及加拿大國際貿易部部長 Stockwell Day .


2. Also write to the Canada Tourism Commission and tell them that you and your whole family and your friends will not visit Canada as long as the bloody seal hunt continues. The address is as following:

同時請寫信給加拿大旅遊局,告訴他們,只要這種血腥的海豹屠殺繼續進行, 你的家人和朋友們都不會去加拿大觀光! 地址如下:

Michele McKenzie
President and CEO
Canada Tourism Commission
55 Metcalfe Street, Ste. 600
Ontario K1P 6LS



3. Boycott all fur. As long as there is a demand for fur-trimmed jackets, fur boots, and fur coats, seals will continue to be beaten bloodily on the ice.

杯葛所有的皮草! 一切用皮草製成的毛褸, 毛靴, 毛大衣, 這些都是殘殺海豹的罪惡成品! 只要有皮毛製成品的存在, 雪地上的海豹都会繼續被血腥兇殺棒擊!



4. Pledge to boycott Omega 3 oil which made from seal oil, all the seal oil capsule products, or any skin protection products made from seal.

杯葛以海豹油製鍊的Omega 3 (奧米茄-3脂肪酸),油膠囊保健品或任何海豹護膚品!



5. Please join the Revolution in Anti-Fur called by PETA by boycott Canadian maple syrup and their bloody national products until Canada ends the seal slaughter for good. Canada produces approximately 85% of the world’s maple syrup, by buying this Canadian product, you are supporting Canadian cruelty. While you're boycotting Canadian maple syrup to help save seals, you can still enjoy maple syrup from other countries. Try American maple syrup brands: Butternut Mountain, Reese, and Now Foods.

請嚮應PTEA的反皮草革命行動, 杯葛加拿大楓葉糖漿及其血腥國產! 直至他們停止兇殺嬰兒海豹為止. 加拿大出產的楓葉糖漿佔全球總產量的 85%,假若購買加拿大產品, 等於是支持加拿大的兇殘暴行! 在杯葛加拿大楓葉糖漿時, 無損大家享受糖漿的樂趣, 請選購別的國家的楓葉糖漿, 如美國的Butternut Mountain, Reese及 Now Foods 等牌子.


6. We should teach our children since their childhood, let them understand clearly that Fur is a deep criminal object and should not touch it. We should let them treat it as a moral rule that never wear or enjoy those fur which seized by means of horrible murdering. Fur would never belong to you but only belong to the animals themselves! The value of those passionate lives which died in bloody hands is much more than you can afford!

我們應當從小就要教導小孩, 讓他們清晰認識了解: 皮草是極大罪惡的深淵, 應以此為鑑, 列為最根基道德素養的操守! 不要享用別人為你兇殺和用恐怖手段掠奪得來的皮草, 因為, 這些皮毛從不屬於你所有, 那是動物自己的! 這些惨死血淋淋赤熱珍貴的生命, 更不是你們能用金錢可以買賣得起的!


7. Then, what can we do with those furs which we already owned? We can send them to cloths collection stations such as Salvation Army, or we can send them to the poor whom with not enough cloths in cold weather.

那麽, 巳擁有的皮草應怎樣處理呢? 可把家中的皮草送去救世軍故衣收集站, 或給那些在嚴冬下無衣敞體的窮人.


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